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If you have neck problems or headaches, you should see a chiropractor to make sure that your body is free from spinal subluxations.

Neck Problems
Your neck is jam-packed with nerves, glands, tubes, blood and lymph vessels, and 48 different joints plus your brainstem, spinal cord, spinal column, muscles, tendons, fluids, meninges and more!  It also balances your heavy head!  Neck problems can be caused by poor posture, repetitive habits and trauma.  Neck dysfunction or neck trauma can cause headaches, numbness, coldness or "pins-and-needles" in the face, chest, arms, wrists or hands.  These can also result in anxiety, insomnia, neck and low back pain, ear ringing, dizziness, hearing loss, eye pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and other symptoms.

Chiropractic and Whiplash
Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are thrown or "snapped" back and forth very quickly.  Whiplash is seen in auto accidents, falls and in "collision" sports such as football and boxing.  In addition to the disc and other soft tissue damage, whiplash causes spinal column misalignment and irritation, stretching or impingement to the nerves and spinal cord.  About 20 million people in the United States have suffered whiplash damage.  Of course, in an accident, the first order of business is to attend to any life-threatening problems such as fractures, hemorrhage, shock and severe concussion.  After that, the spine must also be attended to.  Chiropractic has been a blessing to millions of people suffering from neck and whiplash problems, saving many sufferers from unnecessary drugs and surgery.

Headaches and Migranes
Sooner or later nearly everyone gets a headache, but to about 20 percent of us they are chronic and recurrent.

What puts the "Ache" in Headache?
Surprisingly, a headache is not a "brainache."  The brain, most of its membranes and the skull feel no pain at all.  That is why during brain surgery patients can be wide awake, even talking to the doctors while their brains are being probed or tampered with (local anesthetic is used to numb the scalp).  The pain-sensitive parts are the arteries of the brain and the skull, and the dura matter which covers the brain and the cranial nerves.  When these structures are infected, pulled, inflamed, stretched, compressed or irritated, headaches usually result.

Chiropractic and Headaches
Although chiropractic is not a headache therapy, for over a hundred years headache sufferers have benefited from the drug-free, natural methods used by their neighborhood chiropractors.  By eliminating spinal subluxations, chiropractic permits the entire body to restore itself to a greater level of health and wholeness.  In effect, to heal itself.  Therefore, chiropractic care is essential for anyone who suffers from headaches.


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